Introduce Hegisoba Kon

Traditional Japanese noodle restaurant bar, Hegisoba kon, is located in Shinjuku 2 chome where variety types of people are hanging out.
Established by owner Haruo Kon in 1988, Hegisoba kon, has attracted many Soba noodle mania and Japanese fine sake fanatics.

Back in early 80s, Haruo had managed several bars and restaurants, He was looking for something new. 

One day when he was in local noodlrestaurant in his home town, Niigata prefecture, he found a incredibly good taste soba, Hegisoba. 

Hegisoba is one kind of Japanese soba noodle made out of Buck wheat and special kind of seeweed “Funori”. The name “Hegi” came from container which can hold multiple portion of soba noodle. Because of “Funori”, this special kind soba noodle has scent of ocean and color of green.

Moreover, Hegisoba contains more vitamins than ordinary soba noodle.

It's just healthier and tastes better

Armed with Hegisoba and carefully chosen Niigata's local fine sake, Haruo has started Hegisoba Kon. As he expected, the restaurant is always full of Niigata Sake lovers and soba noodle lovers.

 If you are fine sake lover or soba noodle lover, Hegisoba kon is right for you. Speaks little Japanese? Do not worry, Haruo's wife, Ayuko, peaks good English and has sense of humor.

Please come and visit Hegisoba Kon.

Multinational clientale.  Hot sake, soba, and templa.
Translation is not necessary for "Oishii" stuff.

Let us " Kanpai" at Hegisoba Kon


2-13-11 Shinjuku Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo, lions mansion 1F

Tel: 03-3354-2927 Open Mon-Sat 6pm-1am Closed Sunday

Nearest station: Marunouchi line, Shinjyuku gyoen stn. (5min walk)

Toei Shinjyuku line, Shinjyuku san chome stn. (2min walk)

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